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Starts at $10/month

We use low-cost mesh WiFi routers to create an intelligent cloud of wirelelss service throughout your neighborhood.  Extending our coverage can be as easy as adding another repeater.

Smartphone Friendly

Use the WiFi antenna in your phone to access the Internet on any WasabiNet hotspot!  Don't let daily app updates exhaust the monthly quota on your carrier's data plan, and save money!

Innovative Startup

WasabiNet is deploying cutting-edge wireless access points in your neighborhood to provide an efficient and low-maintenance solution to Broadband access at your home or business.

Do you want $10/month wireless Internet without needing a telephone line, cable TV, or satellite?  Do you want free email? Do you want to own your community's Internet network with your neighbors?  Are you a local business owner looking to advertise and provide your customers convenient Internet access?  Then drop us a line

WasabiNet is establishing itself as a viable, neighborhood-scale Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), in St. Louis and beyond. Our mesh-based infrastructure permits for very low cost of operation and high adaptability, allowing us to grow precisely as customer demand reveals itself. Our niche centers on serving lower and middle income residents and small businesses who could not otherwise afford Broadband Internet, college-aged students, and individuals who move frequently.

We already connect over 100 people daily via an intelligent cloud of 70 mesh wifi hotspots that distribute Internet service, both paid and free, to residents and small businesses in Benton Park, Benton Park West, and Fox Park. In addition, WasabiNet provides a customized captive portal page viewed over 300 times daily, featuring community announcements, neighborhood events, and hyper-local advertising space for local businesses.