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Ben brings the (homemade) Noise to SCOSAG, explains WasabiNet

on Sat, 07/10/2010 - 3:33pm

"Yesterday technology guru Ben West dropped into SCOSAG with a slew of handmade instruments and sound transformators. Upcycling signage he constructed a tubaesque instrument that amplifies sound waves which he shared with campers. ...

"Ben talked about the transformation from sounds to soundwaves to amplification. A concept that he then applied to his Wasabi Net Project, a St Louis based Internet Mesh that's broadcasting free WiFi to several St Louis neighborhoods using wasabi pea cans as antennas ontop of roofs. With a community focus Wasabi Net's window frequently updates event listings and has a local calender. The project was recently discussed in PC World and Ben will be presenting at a conference in Vienna Austria later this summer."