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On a Road Movie to Berlin!

on Mon, 09/30/2013 - 11:32pm

Ben West, WasabiNet's co-founder, is off to Berlin for this year's International Summit for Community Wireless Networks (IS4CWN), being hosted by the Open Technology Institute of the New America Foundation. Exciting! Aufregend (in German)! Ben will be presenting a tech showcase about the solar-powered rooftop wireless network Sunflower Mesh, in conjunction with the COMMUNAL-cator project being presented by Xavier Leonard.

Ben has been attending these summits since it came to St. Louis in 2006. Through these conferences, Ben has promoted the the wonders of WasabiNet, the local hackerspace Arch Reactor, the Cherokee Street community, and St. Louis in general, in distant places like Vienna, Barcelona, and now mostly recently Berlin.

Here are some selected highlights Ben looks forward to during this year's summit in Berlin:

  • Cloummunity: A cloud infrastructure for community wireless networks
  • Community Organizing and Alternative Business Models, being tested out currently by community wireless networks like WasabiNet
  • Updates about the Red Hook Community Wifi network in Brooklyn
  • An inexpensive, prototype optical Gbit/s wireless device being developed by WLAN Slovenia

More details at the full conference agena here:

Please stay tuned here at for further updates about this adventure in Berlin!


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