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Software Employed

WasabiNet employs almost entirely Open Source software, both to achieve low-cost deployment of services, and to leverage off the established knowledge base of associated developer communities.  Specifically, the mesh node access points and wired routers described in the overview, although sourced from multiple manufacturers, use the OpenWRT embedded Linux distribution to achieve a consistent administrative and maintenance platform.  For the meshing function described in the overview, we use the ROBIN Mesh firmware on all public access points, which is an OpenWRT derivative that incorporates an Open Source implementation of the Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol.  Finally, the Captive Portal and user access management described in the Customer Experience page are provided by the open source software freeRADIUS, allowing such software to operate on commodity virtual servers that may be scaled to match expected customer demand.  To preserve the good favor of the Open Source developer communities involved, and specifically to respect the terms of any GPL, BSD, or Apache-style licenses engaged, WasabiNet would publish any non-trivial software derivatives created in the course of operation.

The few portions of WasabiNet which Open Source solutions can not address would be limited to the equipment and software used for the planned 1 Gbit/s fiber uplinks and the 300Mbit/s point-to-point wireless links described in the overview.  For these portions WasabiNet targets products from Mikrotik and Ubiquiti Networks, who both provide licensed software bundled with any equipment purchased.