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Will my Internet slow down if my neighbor downloads lots of stuff?

If you imagine the case where 5 people share one DSL connection wirelessly, then yes, large downloads by your neighbor would indeed slow down your internet.  However, Mesh Node Wifi enjoys several advanced features that specifically address this problem...

The Mesh Itself: the mesh is the composite cloud of routers communicating with each other wirelessly, and they can redirect connections to dynamically ease congestion.  That is, if one wired Internet uplink becomes swamped, the Mesh will direct you to uplinks that are idle.  This scheme works on the expectation that not all Internet uplinks within the mesh would be 100% busy at any given time.

Quality of Service Routing or Traffic Shaping: this is a scheme for routing Internet traffic that gives higher priority to certain kinds of content (Web, email, SSH, Skype) and lower priority to other kinds (file-sharing, bit-torrent, large downloads).  Many newer broadband routers already support this style of routing, and the Mesh would do it on a larger scale to help economize the available bandwidth for all subscribers.

Furthermore, we can encourage subscribers to take simple steps on their own, like installing the AdBlock plugin for Firefox, to economize on their Internet usage.

Finally, you read more technical detail about our network architecture here.