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On Your Rooftop

Below are photos of WasabiNet in action on rooftops around St. Louis.  You may view the full photo album on Picasa, and you may view more detailed photos of our equipment and installations here.

WasabiNet on Your Rooftop posted by westbywest
homemade_tripod3.jpg homemade_short_antenna_mast.jpg prefab_tripod_10ft_4.jpg nsm5_nsm2loco_shielded.jpg prefab_tripod_10ft_5.jpg tplink_mr3420_repeater.jpg prefab_tripod_10ft_2.jpg tplink_repeater.jpg homemade_tripod_medium.jpg homemade_tripod2.jpg homemade_tripod.jpg directtv_dish_mount.jpg uhf_antenna_piggyback.jpg bulletm5_dish_mount.jpg nsm2_window_coffeecan.jpg